Meet The Doctor.

I am Dr. Monika Marczak, board certified Optometric Physician and a proud owner of EyeCandy Optical Center. I was born in Poland and relocated to Pittsburgh in 1990. I graduated from Saint Vincent College with B.S. in Biology in 1998. I completed my second B.S. In Visual Science as well as doctorate in optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Having my own practice was always a goal of mine and I am proud to have accomplished this in such a short period of time. I think you’ll find that I’ve worked hard to ensure EyeCandy OC is quite the extension of my own personality. And I hope it is evident during your time here that my staff and I take great pleasure in serving you and that we enjoy our ability to make your EyeCandy OC experience a sweet one.

The newest expansion of the practice includes Dry Eye Clinic. Our primary focus is to diagnose and eliminate the discomfort and visual symptoms of this chronic and widely prevalent disease. Artificial tears provide only a short-term relief without addressing inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye. We focus the treatment on increasing your eyes natural ability to produce healthy tears by eliminating inflammation.